Vinyl Lettering your Windshield

When you think of vinyl lettering on windshields, the first thing that might come to mind is an eighteen year old kid with his or her name on the windshield of the car he or she just got. ( Not that there’s anything wrong with that) However, anyone can personalize their windshield or any vehicle window, whether it be a teen, an adult , or any type of car enthusiast!

Some great ideas for vinyl letters on a windshield or rear window might be ” Proud grandparents”, ” Going fishing”, ” To work and back”, “#1 Cowboy’s fan”, “My other car is a boat” – well you get the idea. Use vinyl lettering on your vehicle window or windshield to show your passion, hobby or just your own saying. You can even put a phone number or a website if you want to advertise a business in your travels. Just think of all the potential clients you could get by simply driving around to all of your daily activities! Your vehicle would be a moving billboard and free advertisement for those in business.

When using vinyl letters on your windshield, just remember that light colored letters show up best on glass, especially white. So show your passion or hobby, or just take advantage of some free advertisement for your business by putting vinyl letters on your vehicle windshield.