Vinyl Lettering on your Surfboard

Vinyl Lettering on your Surfboard

Surfing is one of the most passionate sports there is. Most surfers do whatever it takes to find that next big wave and they are just as passionate about their surfboard.

To create some personality with their surfboard a great thing to do is to apply some vinyl lettering or a vinyl decal on the surface. Higher quality vinyl lettering is the best to use, it holds up the best in water and could take a beating. If you purchase you vinyl lettering or vinyl decal from a local sign shop or online they should know to sell you the better vinyl for a surfboard.

You could do many things in vinyl on your surfboard to create individuality. Some great examples might be a fraise, name, symbol of meaning, flames or logo. This really endless on the type of vinyl lettering or vinyl decals you could use for your surfboard. Vinyl lettering is relatively inexpensive especially if you apply the decal your self. This is always better when customize the lettering or decal your self as opposed to ordering a stock decal or if you like a stock vinyl decal add some lettering to the surfboard to go with your decal.

In some cases you might even be able to sponsor you and pay to have there company name or logo on your surfboard as advertisement.

Whether it for style or advertisement its great to add a little flavor in the form of vinyl lettering or vinyl decals to your surfboard, Hey if you don’t like it you could just peal it off.