Van Lettering

Van Lettering

Vehicle lettering is a very important form of advertising for types of industries. From Plumbing to Electronics companies, although service industry related companies seem to benefit very much from vehicle lettering.

In most cases for vehicle lettering in a small business it is van lettering. Many small businesses that require some form of delivery or moving of some type of product or machinery around use vans. Vans make great billboards for your vehicle lettering or in this case van lettering. Vans are much easer to use on a day-to-day operation, you do not need a special license to use one (in most cases) and it does act as a great billboard for your business.

It does not take much to create a message on the side of your van to display a service, product or just a professional image for your business. Vehicle lettering is such an important form of advertisement for all businesses and a lot of businesses use van lettering to get their point across. Vinyl lettering is usually the type vehicle lettering used for van lettering. The best thing to do on a simple layout is to use contrasting colors. An example would be if you had a white van (which is what most popular color in the commercial van department) you would use dark coloring for your vinyl lettering.

Now lettering is not the only thing to do for your van. Your company could have the company logo on the van. Even if the logo is complex it could be printed on vinyl made for vehicle lettering. Another example would be an image or graphic. If you where a pool company, besides having all your information in vinyl lettering you could have beautiful picture of a pool that you installed on the side of the van. This type of vehicle lettering or van lettering has a great impact on a future client. On a hot day they might want to jump rite on.

It is important to know how much impact a properly lettered vehicle in this case a van could help your company. The great thing is once you apply your vinyl lettering your advertising costs are free. So if you use a van for your business don’t waste the space apply some vinyl lettering or vinyl graphics today and maybe it will help your company get more calls tomorrow