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Effective Vehicle Wrap Strategies

We’ve written about general strategies for using vehicle wraps before on this blog. This time we would like to flesh out some specific strategies you can use as to where to drive your vehicle or fleet of vehicles to have the maximum ROI for your car wrap campaign. Here are some ideas that could turn your car into a marketing machine.

  • Local or state fairs: Most cities, towns, villages and counties host fairs during the warmer months of the year. This is also true of state fairs. Find these events – which are usually posted online – and drive through the parking lot during the busiest times.
  • Parades: Do you love a parade? Well, many people do which is why you should consider driving your car in the vicinity of parades near you. Additionally, you may even be able to enter a parade as a local sponsor which will increase your visibility. Try contacting the local organizers of the parade to find out if your company can be a sponsor.
  • Utilize rush hour: An inconvenience for most of us, rush hour can be a boon for companies that use vehicle wraps. Think about it. People are frozen for minutes and possibly even hours at a time and are thus able to view every detail of your advertisement.
  • Business conventions: Parking or driving near a business convention is a particularly effective strategy if you are a B2B company. Moreover, you can also make valuable connections with businessmen in your area at such events.
  • Concerts: People of all ages attend concerts and driving your vehicle near one is a great way to expose your company to potentially millions of new customers. Moreover, by knowing who will be performing you can hone your marketing strategy to specific groups.
  • Attend trade shows: Trade shows are another way to fine tune your marketing campaign as you focus on clients with specific interests. Who knows? Your signage may be attention getting enough to be the talk of the convention.vehicle wrap

There you have it. These are strategies that may increase your exposure to potential customers. Being in the right place at the right time could grow your business and put you in public view. However, it all starts with having an attractive and eye-catching vehicle wrap. Our custom vinyl signs help in this regard. You can design vinyl lettering online that will begin to cause a stir for your company.


Tips for a Successful Grand Opening

There is no event more important in the life of your business than its grand opening. This is a time to introduce yourself to the public in a spectacular and interesting way because as the old saying goes “you only get one time to make a first impression.” Well, the right banner with the right vinyl lettering can be an integral part of this experience. On our site you can design a sign that will help you get your business off to the right start in the public’s consciousness. But what are some other ways to make this big day a rousing success? Here are a few you may wish to try.

  • Decide on the type of event and a budget: There are many ways to hold a grand opening. You can go lavish and expensive or you can go fun and whimsical. You can roll out the red carpet – literally – or you can do something as simple as hold a pizza party. Whichever you choose, plan your event carefully and know how much you intend to spend on it.
  • Give away freebies and samples: While it is important to stay within your budget, don’t be chintzy with the freebies. The items you give away do not have to be lavish since everyone loves free items. Also, you can add branding to the items you do give away.
  • Hire live entertainment: If you have the budget for it, hire a local band or performer. Bands are always looking for ways to promote themselves while earning money. Crowds love live acts. In this way, everyone benefits from such events.
  • Prize drawings: Have a drawing whereby the first 100 people through the door get a chance at winning a prize. Just make sure that the gift you are giving away is something people will want.grand opening
  • Market the event: It won’t be much of an event if no one knows it is happening. Send out invitations, create buzz, and distribute a press release to the media and other outlets to get the word out about your opening. If you have the budget, you may even invest in having professionals cover this part of your launching.

In the end, think of your grand opening from the prospective of the public. Will it be an event that you would want to attend? If so, then you have probably planned a grand opening that will be successful and that will put you in the minds of the public.


Tips and Tactics for Successful Guerilla Marketing

All small business owners face the following problem – how to make their business stand out from larger companies that have great resources than they do. Many have discovered that guerilla marketing is the solution for small business owners with big aspirations but who have modest budgets. Guerilla marketing puts your products in front of the buying public in creative and sometimes provocative ways. What is guerilla marketing? Guerilla marketing means doing something interesting or creative to promote your business as opposed to simply using large sums of money for marketing. Our vinyl lettering in Texas is designed to be used by people who have modest budgets but who want to compete with the big boys (and gals). Here are some tips and tactics you can use in order to get as much exposure as possible for minimal cash!

  • Launch a contest: A well thought out contest can give you tons of exposure you may not otherwise have gotten. You can decide on almost any prize that someone else may value. The reward for you will be greater visibility for your business. Finally, contests are an excellent way to build an email list.
  • Give away products: Another way to harvest email addresses is by giving away products to potential customers. The cost of one item will likely be much less than the value of an email address.
  • Use car window lettering: With car window lettering you can promote you business everywhere you go 24/7. Also, you can hire other people to simply drive their cars with your lettering on it for a minimum price thus growing your exposure.
  • Host a free webinar: There are some free webinar services that can help you put your business in front of customers who have expressed an interest in your product or service. As it so happens, webinars are huge right now and ideal for people who do not have much money to spend.
  • Targeted flyer dropping: With this one you have to use some strategic planning as to where to leave your flyers, business cards, etc. Flyers can still be effective if they are targeted to the proper demographic for your product or service.car lettering
  • Be clever: Even big businesses are getting in on the practice of using the outrageous to get people’s attention. This means that as a small marketer you must be even more creative with your ads.

In short, the limits of guerilla marketing really are just the imagination. Try to be creative but remember to respect the law and not to damage personal or public property. Our company provides vinyl letter, boat lettering, window lettering and vehicle lettering all of which can be used in your guerilla marketing campaign.


7 Tips for Designing Amazing Window Signage for Your Business

The Internet contains volumes of information on how to promote your online business. However, businesses that have an offline presence should take window advertising as seriously as any online promotional method. Owners should know that window ads be a can make or break factor when it comes to walk-by traffic. That is why your window lettering should be captivating and should spell out how your business will enrich the local community. Here are 7 tips for creating amazing window displays — and turning browsers into customers.

  • Don’t overdo it: The public is besieged with advertising so much so that many people have become numb to it. Try keeping your signage down to a minimum. This will also help people who are driving by your store quickly capture your message.
  • Be creative: Let your imagination run free when creating your window signage. Explore different font types, colors and sizes and write these down on a sketch pad before purchasing our vinyl lettering online.
  • Keep the focal point at eye level: Make it easy for passersby. Stand outside your store and determine where eye level is. This will help you to optimize your signage for maximum exposure.
  • Change your window displays regularly: Passersby may quickly become familiar with your display and begin to ignore it completely. Consider changing your window lettering often if this should begin to happen.
  • Surprise customers: Use a catchy, unusual slogan, use bright colors that pop, etc., in order to surprise and delight passersby.
  • Decide whether you want a background: The right background can really make your lettering stand out to potential customers by creating contrast. In order to make sure that your background does not obstruct the view of your products, be careful to not overdo it.
  • Use lighting to stand out: Be sure that your signage is visible at all times. This means controlling the angle and intensity of the light illuminate it.window sign

Even though we are well into the digital age, never neglect the signage on your brick and mortar store. Owners who take the time to carefully develop their window advertising are sure to put themselves ahead of the competition. We can help to develop signage that is appropriate for windows, car wraps and even custom boat lettering.


The Psychology of Lettering: How to Find the Right Font for Your Logo

Effective advertising can reach potential customers in ways that they are not even consciously aware of. Think about Disney for example. Its stable of lovable characters is designed to make us smile and revisit the child in us. But Disney does this in another way too. They do it with the font they use to illustrate the word “Disney” itself. In fact, this font is so unique that it is known as “Waltograph.” The font itself brings about the idea of childhood in a creative way. However, Waltograph is not the only font type that effectively works on the psychology of the viewer. Many fonts do the same. As you are creating your logo and are considering its color, orientation, etc., you should consider the psychology of font. To help you better understand what we mean, here are some fonts and the emotions that they evoke in all of us.

  •        -Script: This font is often associated with elegance and femininity. Script is a commonly used font among greeting card companies. Examples of companies that use script in their logo include Coca-Cola, Ford and Johnson & Johnson.fonts
  1.       -Modern: Modern fonts tend to be associated with things that are progressive, stylish and cool. It has a futuristic sense to it and many brands use it to convince people that their product is edgy and new. It appeals to our desire to want the latest things. Modern font types include Futura, Bedini, Orgreave, Bodoni and Empire. Companies that use modern fonts in their logo include Red Bull and Calvin Klein.
  2.       -Courier New: This font type is known as a ‘monospaced’ font. It is associated with people or ideas that are “dull,” “plain,” and “unimaginative.” (This is why you should be mindful of the font type you use.)
  3.       -Serif: This font is associated with things that are stable and traditional.
  4.       -Modern Display: This font is used to express a sense of masculinity and boldness.

In short, before you use a particular font in your logo, consider how it has been used by advertisers in the past. Think about whether or not the feelings you wish to evoke in your customers fits your product or service. Design a sign can help you by giving you the ability to custom design logos using various fonts and sizes. We even do custom boat lettering.


Reasons a Logo is an Essential Part of Your Business

It’s a pretty safe bet that every major brand you can think of has a great and memorable logo attached to it. Think about it. McDonald’s is tied to its golden arches. Nike is tied to their swoosh symbol. Apple computers are tied to their, well…apple. All these companies know that a good, memorable logo is an essential part of any company’s identity. This is especially true in this highly competitive world where business people are struggling to capture their share of the market. A good logo matters every bit as much as good signage or well thought out business plan. At design a sign we offer our customers cheap custom vinyl lettering so that they can put their brand out there. Here are some reasons that logos matter.

  • Logos help your company make a first impression: As the old saying goes “you only get one chance to make a first impression.” Your logo is the first introduction your company will make to potential customers. Your logo must be designed with the proper colors, shapes, fonts and lettering in order to make a striking first impression on customers.
  • Logos communicate your company’s values and its message: A well thought out logo can communicate to customers your company’s mission, background and core message. These things can be communicated with the proper selection of images, colors and even font angles.vinyl lettering
  • Logos establish your business’ identity: Just as is the case with your booklets, business cards, folders, websites, etc., logos help to establish your company’s unique qualities among its competitors.
  • Logos create an emotional connection to your customers: Creating an emotional connection with people is how you build a customer base. A good logo can appeal to customers’ emotions. Think, for example, how sports logos affect sports fans.
  • Logos make your company look more professional: Low quality logos can make consumers feel less confident about your company; high quality logos can make them feel more confident in your services. People will naturally assume that you take the same care in conducting your business as you did in choosing your logo.

In short, never underestimate what a well designed logo and lettering can do for your company. When it comes to business it is all about branding. We can help you in your efforts to put you brand out there among the competition with our lettering.