Rivets and Vinyl Lettering

Rivets and Vinyl Lettering

When you are applying vinyl lettering to a trailer or truck with rivets it becomes a very challenging job. Even for more experienced vehicle lettering professional’s vinyl lettering and rivets do not make good company.

Now, there is certain vinyl lettering products that work much better around rivets. Those products can be much more expensive and harder to find.

So, here are some tricks to help you work around rivets;

  • One way to help you with and vinyl lettering is using a solution of soapy water when applying vinyl. Now a lot of vehicle lettering professionals like to use any type of fluid and I only use fluid on vinyl lettering as a last resort. If you are someone who does not work with vinyl for lettering or if you’re applying vinyl on your own vehicle for the first time this would be a helpful practice. What you would do is after you prepared your surface or in this case your vehicle for vinyl lettering, you would spray fluid on vehicle and squeegee vinyl lettering down slowly. When you get to a rivet work around rivet with squeegee.
    The fluid should help you keep from creasing vinyl lettering. The fluid also gives you time if you want to pull up vinyl and try again. Keep in mind when you are using fluid with vinyl lettering on your vehicle you could trap fluid in the vinyl creating bubbles. You could get the fluid out like you would an air bubble in vinyl lettering by making a small pin hole in vinyl.
  • Another way to work with rivets and vinyl lettering is to make a slice on the vinyl where the rivet is as you apply the vinyl lettering or vinyl graphics on your vehicle. This will allow air not to be trapped around rivet and could allow your vinyl lettering to lay with fewer imperfections.
  • Some people I know will cut the vinyl off altogether where the rivet lie, and after the vinyl lettering is completed on vehicle paint the rivet the same color as the vinyl. Usually in this case they are using fluid to put down vinyl lettering on vehicle, cutting vinyl where rivet is and squeegee out fluid out of vinyl letters through cut hole.

No matter how many vehicles you letter rivets are always a pain in the butt and they slow you down. Over time you do figure out how to work with rivets.