Racing Vinyl

Racing Vinyl

Car graphics are a big part of the vinyl graphics industry. One element of car graphics is what I like to call “racing vinyl.” There is a whole world of avid racing fans that use vinyl graphics and vinyl lettering for there vehicles, even if they are not in a race.

They could use vinyl on there cars for numbers or vinyl graphics for design.

Cars are not the only vehicle using vinyl graphics and vinyl lettering for racing vinyl. Boats that race use vinyl for the large racing numbers you might have seen on the sides. They also tend to vinyl graphics for there acing stripes. Some are done with paint but espesically with watercraft vinyl is the poplar choice.

Other vehicle that use racing vinyl for there numbers and vinyl graphics are; Quads, snowmobiles, go-carts, trucks and the trailors they go in usally have vinyl graphics and vinyl lettering to match the racing vehicles.

Now a days more racing and non-racing vehicles are using 4 –color vinyl prints, other wise known as “vehicle wraps” this is still a form of vinyl graphics.

So if race and you need to put some numbers and graphics on your vehicle, don’t be afraid to use vinyl lettering or vinyl graphics. A great website like designasign.commake it easy to make your vinyl lettering and vinyl graphics, they also have some instructions on how to install them.