Personalized License Plates for Kids

Although license plates are for vehicles which would mean a custom license plate would be for an adult or at least someone old enough to drive. Not so, a personalized license plate would be great gift for a kid all ages. Kids love things that adults have or even more something a parent or close relative might have like a license plate or in this case a custom license plate. There are plenty of places you could put a personalized license plate (other than a car) and there are plenty of things you could put on a personalized license plate.

Let’s start with the where, for a kid girl or boy a custom license plate the best place would be there bedroom. This does not mean just the walls, although a personalized license plate would look great on a kid’s wall. How about the toy box, here are some other ideas to put a custom license plate; headboard, closet doors, inside or outside of the bedroom door, on top of the desk in a stand, a shelf/bookcase, an area where you might keep the sporting equipment or dance gear. I am sure there are a few areas in a kid’s bedroom a custom license plate would look good that I am not thinking about.

There are also other areas in your home or on your property a personalized license plate would be great for your child. The inside of a shed or garage where your child might keep their bike or outside toys. A custom license plate would look great in a game room or play room. How but some movable objects, side of a wagon or the front of a bike on the basket. If you look around there plenty of places a personalized license plate would look good.

Now the fun part, what to put on your custom license plate. Depending where you put the custom license plate you would want choose your colors for the text or background to fit the room. If you go to there are plenty of options that allow choose your size, color or effects of your text. You could put as much or as little text that you could fit on your personalized license plate. You also have the ability to add clip art, or upload your own art or photograph for your custom license plate.

Some of the more popular things to put on your personalized license plate is the child’s name, the type of activity they enjoy (sports, dance ect.) You could use clip art to go with the theme of the custom license plate or the theme of the room or area your personalized license plate is in.

This is endless there are a ton of ways to use a personalized license plate with a child. All kids love to see their names on the things so make it fun and create a custom license plate for a kid today.