Marketing your Website Vinyl Lettering

Marketing your Website Vinyl Lettering

Having a new website biggest challenge in getting your new website’s name in the publics eye. A great way to market your website your self to start is using your vehicle as your own billboard with vinyl lettering. The most popular place is your front and rear windshield with white vinyl lettering. This is a simple, yet very effective and “cheap” way to start.

You could have your vinyl lettering for your windshield made for you at your local sign shop or online at great website like Like any other signage or vinyl lettering make sure you have the correct spelling before place vinyl lettering order.

Once you receive your website in vinyl lettering for your windshield the only thing left to do is stick it on. You should clean the window first and you could use window cleaner to spray on surface before you put vinyl down to give you a little time to move decal around before the vinyl lettering sticks. Once you are happy with your windshield lettering placement squeegee down.

Having you website on the windshield of your car, truck, van or suv just adds to exposure of your website. There is an estimate that lettering on vehicles get over 17,000 views a week and best thing is after you pay for the vinyl lettering this advertisment is free.

So in the high cost of online and traditional marketing vinyl lettering on your windshield for your website is a great way to start!