Mariana’s and Vinyl Lettering

Mariana’s and Vinyl Lettering

Boat marinas around the country play home to many avid boaters. The marinas usually will do maintenance and repair work for the boats in there marina. These marinas should be all actively involved in vinyl boat lettering for there customers

Most marinas will recommend someone (like a local sign shop) to the vinyl lettering on the customer’s boat. This would require the sign shop to come down get measurements, do a layout for the vinyl lettering and after the vinyl lettering layout is approved, make another appointment to apply the vinyl lettering on the boat. This process could be very stressful for the customer, the marina and even the sign shop.

That’s why I recommend that all marinas, boat yards or any docking facility do vinyl lettering for boats for there customers. Now I know most marinas do not want to out and spend $5000.00- $10,000 for start up sign making equipment for vinyl lettering and that is understandable. The solution for this problem is the internet.

There are a lot of great websites out there that alloys you to create your own designs for boat lettering online. There is a site called that once you click on the boat lettering section it alloys you to create your vinyl lettering online, you get to pick your font, color, size and effects. You can even upload your on graphic for vinyl lettering or vinyl graphics for your boat. When your order is processed it’s shipped out to you in 48hrs, so depending on the shipping method you can have your customers vinyl lettering installed with in a week.

This website like most vinyl lettering websites has helpful hints and instructions on how to install the vinyl lettering or vinyl graphics. Someone who does maintenance or repair work would be able to follow these instructions and after a few vinyl lettering installs will get easier.

You and your client would be much happier without dealing with an outside person to do your vinyl boat lettering and you get to make a couple of bucks too.