Letter Your Ride

Letter Your Ride

You probably do not realize how many people see your vehicle every week. Using vinyl letters on your vehicle is a great way to get your message out there. Vehicle lettering in the form of vinyl letters or digitally printing on vinyl is a great source of advertisement. The best thing is, after the cost of the material of the vinyl letters or vinyl digital print (and the cost of installation if you have someone install them) – IT’S FREE ADVERTISING!! Even if you don’t want to advertise for a business, you could use vinyl letters just to get a message across.

You should be able to get your lettering from a local sign shop or online from websites such as designasign.com. If you have a van that you want to install vinyl lettering on, remember that it would act as a large billboard and if done correctly, will grab a lot of attention.

In the case of a business using vinyl lettering, displaying their company name and phone number would be very important. If you have a logo for your business, it would be a good idea to have it digitally printed on a vinyl decal to go with your vinyl lettering. Some local businesses that really benefit from such advertising with vehicle lettering are; landscapers, plumbers, electricians, home improvement companies, DJ companies, and various others. You should always remember when using vinyl lettering on your vehicle, to use contrasting colors to get the best effect. For example, dark vehicles always use white on windows or windshields.

You should also note that some roads around the country do not allow vehicles with lettering on them. For instance, in New York, lettered vehicles cannot go on parkways otherwise you will be fined.

So, advertise for FREE and letter up your vehicle and enjoy the ride!