Ideas for Naming your Boat

So you’ve finally decided to stop being a landlubber and have bought your first boat. Now comes the challenging part – naming it. How do you choose a name for something that will become a home, an escape, a grand adventure, a lifestyle and even a money-maker in some cases? You do so carefully. You do so taking one of many approaches from light-hearted to poetic to serious etc. Let’s look at a few tips and ideas for naming your boat and then for using custom boat lettering to proudly display its moniker.

  • Avoid using clichés: Your boat is a unique extension of your personality. Clichés are not unique. A hackneyed name will most likely only invite derision from the boating community you are now about to join.
  • Search for a name online: Before choosing a name for your boat, try searching one of the many boat name databases on the Internet. This may give you some idea of what name to use as well as what names to not use. (Using a popular name in the database could cause confusion if you are ever in the vicinity of your boat’s namesake.)
  • Use the name of loved one: If you are a male, then naming your boat after the woman in your life follows the age old tradition of naming ships after women. Additionally, naming a boat after your partner is the ultimate romantic gesture.
  • Use literature as a guide: Consider using a line or name from a favorite poem or novel that you’ve read. If you use this approach, try to keep the line short and memorable.
  • Mix business with pleasure: If you own a business that you are passionate about, what better way to get free advertising and express yourself than by naming your boat after your company? Our vinyl lettering helps you to put your company’s name out there on the open seas.
  • Keep it short and sweet: Short catchy names are easy to remember. Also, you want your boat’s name to be short because you want it to be understood and easily able to be spelled in the event of an emergency on the water.

In short, give the process of naming your boat some serious thought but at the same time have some fun with it. This name will represent your passion for sailing to the world and to the boating community. When you do decide, Design a Sign’s website interface can help you choose from various fonts, colors and effects.