High School Sporting decals

All High school football, Baseball, Hockey, Lacross sporting teams where helmets. Now I know not all Highschools have all these sports but they all have at least 1. When its time for a new season whatever the sport it important the eguipment work and look great. That,s right look great.

In the case of sporting helmets they should be repainted and have a new team logo on a decal placed on the helmet. Now of course each sport has there decal in a different location. For example the High School Football Helmet has there logo decal on the side of the helmet with the players number in vinyl letters on the back of the helmet. In baseball the log decal is much small and placed on the front of the helmet above the brim. As in the case of football helmets, High School Baseball Helmets have the players numbers in vinyl lettering on the back of the helmet Hockey is a little different in High School Hockey the decals are usally on the sideof the helmet but the hockey goal will have the dcals on the front wrapping the mask.

In any event it is good to refresh at the beginning of every new season and the helmets is the best thing to start with. Even if you don’t paint them new decals make a big difference. They are the most visible on the field and prideful!