High School License Plates

High School License Plates

A great way to show your pride for your high school is displaying your schools name and or slogan on a custom license plate. If your local state does not require you to have a registered license plate, then a personalized aluminum license plate would be great on the front of your vehicle. There are a lot of ways to show your school pride on a custom aluminum license plate, one example is using your school logo with your school colors. Another great way is to use your school slogan for your personalized license plate. If you really want to customize your aluminum license plate is to put your name or graduating class year.

There are so many ways you could make your aluminum license plate stand out from any one else that might have a school aluminum license plate. If you played a sport in your school you could display the sport on your custom license plate or even a graphic to go with it. An example might be having your high school logo one side of the personalized license plate a football on the other side of the personalized license plate with text in the middle saying

“ Deer Park High School
Football 2007
State Champs”

Of course you could create a custom license plate for your coach as a gift. Have there name put in the text on the aluminum license plate. Even if you can’ t put the custom license plate on a vehicle, a personalized license plate would look great in an office or on a desk.

So if your thinking about showing some pride or giving a gift to a coach or proud parent an aluminum custom license plate a great personal touch.