Grand Opening Banners

Grand Opening Banners

When you open a new business one of the first things you need to have is a new sign. Now a good sign could be expensive and you might not know what you want on it at first. So a quick easy inexpensive solution is a vinyl banner with vinyl lettering. A Grand Opening vinyl banner is very effective in these situations or a Coming Soon vinyl banner if you’re not ready open the doors yet.

A Grand Opening banner with vinyl lettering is very effective the first couple months your business is open. A simple white vinyl banner with vinyl lettering, best 2 color (red vinyl lettering and black vinyl lettering on a white vinyl banner) Size of the vinyl banner depends on where it is going and your local town laws, but in this case bigger is always better!

The Grand Opening banner excites people and grabs there attention. If the Grand Opening vinyl banner is the only sign you have up, you should include vinyl lettering on the Grand Opening vinyl banner to let everyone know what your business is about.

I have been told that business owners feel there Grand Opening vinyl banner is so effective they keep them up as long as 6 months.

Like I said earlier in this article the most effective for the money, would be a white vinyl banner with red and black vinyl lettering. Some business might do a 4 color banner which looks really good, but they are more money and not needed for this situation.

Once your Grand Opening vinyl banner is completed you should position the vinyl banner near the entrance to your business. Some people like to put a vinyl arrow on the banner to point to the entrance way.

After you feel the Grand Opening campaign is over, roll up vinyl banner and store it. If business is good you might need that Grand Opening vinyl banner for a new location.