Car Dealerships and Window Lettering

One of the most effective advertising methods for car dealerships is window lettering or vinyl lettering. Most car dealerships outside walls in the front of the building are all glass. This is so all the new vehicles in the showroom can be seen from outside of the building. Vinyl lettering on the glass allows the cars to be seen with a message displayed in vinyl letters to be seen also.

White vinyl lettering is the best color to use on the glass. White vinyl shows up the best on a clear background. I know when most sign shops install window lettering they will only use white vinyl. In most cases the vinyl lettering is installed on the window above the height of the cars, but not to much out of eye level. You don’t want the vinyl lettering to block the new cars, but not to high where a potential client can’t see the message your vinyl lettering is trying to get across.

In most cases window lettering or vinyl lettering on windows of a car dealerships is a long term message oppsed to a short term message. An example of long term vinyl lettering message would be a phone number, hours, slogans. A couple of slogans might be; “We will beat any price”, “The Newest cars in stock” A short term message might be a sale or “now hiring”. Short term messages are best suited for vinyl banners with vinyl lettering. They are very effective for these messages and can be stored for when you need them again.

When you are working with window lettering you must layout your vinyl lettering ahead of time. You want to make sure no vinyl will land on the seams of the windows. When window lettering is done correctly on large windows it creates a very effective message and looks great!