Box Truck Lettering

Box Truck Lettering

If you own a business that requires you to own a box truck and have not put vinyl lettering or vinyl graphics on it then you are losing money every day!

A box truck, whether it is 12ft or 24ft act as a perfect moving billboard for your business with vinyl lettering or vinyl graphics on it. You might know this as vehicle lettering or truck lettering, either way using vinyl lettering or vinyl graphics on your box truck lets everyone know who you are, what you do and where to find you. More people will know about you with your box truck vinyl lettered, weather you are at a work site or just sitting in traffic every day. A simple thing like just your name, what you do and phone number is enough to get the phone ringing. You don’t have to get fancy with your vehicle lettering, just get it on the truck.

Now don’t get me wrong a great layout and design on your box truck will always be more eyes appealing to a potential customer. There many different ways to achieve this. Of course you could do a great layout with simple vinyl lettering and 2 or 3 different color vinyls. You can also use a company logo on your box truck. This log can be done as vinyl using different colors if needed, but if your logo is to complex it could be digitally printed on vinyl and applied to your box truck the same way vinyl lettering would be.

This leads me to another way to letter your box truck. That’s using digital prints for your box truck. You might know of this method as a digital wrap. The digital prints are printed on a special vinyl that could be applied to the box truck. There are many different vinyl products for vehicle graphics, prints and lettering which I will discuss in a future article. The digital prints are basically a 4 color process in which you could print anything.

Let’s say you’re a custom pool installation company you could have beautiful photograph of the pool you installed with your entire information write on the picture.

I have known some people that rent there box truck space out to other companies to have vinyl lettering or digital vinyl prints installed. It’s not common but you would only do this at least 3- 5 year term (it could pay for some of box trucks expenses)

The best thing about this form of advertising is a lot of different people are exposed to it and once you get past the installation of vinyl lettering, vinyl graphic or vinyl digital prints the rest is…FREE. So when you purchase a box truck for your business, don’t think of how much money it will cost you think of how much money you will be saving on advertising after you have vinyl lettering, vinyl graphic or vinyl digital prints installed on your “traveling billboard”.