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5 Secrets for Better Vehicle Wrap Marketing

Oftentimes the difference between a successful business and a failing one is in how cleverly one chooses to advertise. Successful businesses take the initiative by finding inventive and cost effective ways to put their brand in front of the public. One of the most cost effective ways to do this is by using a vehicle wrap. They are highly visible and cost effective in that you only have to pay for them once yet they continue to produce sales for years to come. Our vinyl lettering let’s you create your message and place it on your branded vehicle quickly and easily. However, great care should be taken so that you can maximize the effectiveness of your vehicle wrap. The following tips may help you get a clear idea on some fundamentals that will help boost your sales.


  • Plan your design: Take great care in planning your vehicle wrap campaign. Ask yourself questions such as: What do you want the main takeaway of your advertisement to be? How will the graphics fit into your company’s already existing marketing material?

Take careful measurements: While we stand ready to provide you with vinyl letter online of different sizes and fonts, we strongly advise that you measure your vehicle carefully before using a wrap and our lettering. Not doing so could cause distortions in your lettering that could cause viewers to misread your message.

  • Wash your vehicle before installation: Your vehicle should be clean before a wrap or any kind of lettering is added to it. This way our lettering will adhere to your car better and will stay on your vehicle longer. This will add up to more people being able to see your advertisement.
  • Remember the 5-second rule: The people who view your ad may have only a few seconds in which to view it. (This is especially true if they are traveling down the highway.) Therefore, you should make your message brief and to the point.
  • Don’t ignore the roof: This is important since people in tall office buildings may be looking down at your vehicle as you drive by.vinyl lettering

According to some studies, more than 70% of people who commute said they have read vehicle graphics. Thus, your company cannot afford to avoid this method of reaching out to potential new customers. It also means that if you apply advertising to your car in the right way, you will potentially have a jump on businesses that already use this method as a way of branding their companies.


The Psychology of Lettering: How to Find the Right Font for Your Logo

Effective advertising can reach potential customers in ways that they are not even consciously aware of. Think about Disney for example. Its stable of lovable characters is designed to make us smile and revisit the child in us. But Disney does this in another way too. They do it with the font they use to illustrate the word “Disney” itself. In fact, this font is so unique that it is known as “Waltograph.” The font itself brings about the idea of childhood in a creative way. However, Waltograph is not the only font type that effectively works on the psychology of the viewer. Many fonts do the same. As you are creating your logo and are considering its color, orientation, etc., you should consider the psychology of font. To help you better understand what we mean, here are some fonts and the emotions that they evoke in all of us.

  •        -Script: This font is often associated with elegance and femininity. Script is a commonly used font among greeting card companies. Examples of companies that use script in their logo include Coca-Cola, Ford and Johnson & Johnson.fonts
  1.       -Modern: Modern fonts tend to be associated with things that are progressive, stylish and cool. It has a futuristic sense to it and many brands use it to convince people that their product is edgy and new. It appeals to our desire to want the latest things. Modern font types include Futura, Bedini, Orgreave, Bodoni and Empire. Companies that use modern fonts in their logo include Red Bull and Calvin Klein.
  2.       -Courier New: This font type is known as a ‘monospaced’ font. It is associated with people or ideas that are “dull,” “plain,” and “unimaginative.” (This is why you should be mindful of the font type you use.)
  3.       -Serif: This font is associated with things that are stable and traditional.
  4.       -Modern Display: This font is used to express a sense of masculinity and boldness.

In short, before you use a particular font in your logo, consider how it has been used by advertisers in the past. Think about whether or not the feelings you wish to evoke in your customers fits your product or service. Design a sign can help you by giving you the ability to custom design logos using various fonts and sizes. We even do custom boat lettering.


More Tips for Making Effective Banners

As consumers we are deluged daily by online and offline ads. However, merchants realize that it is a crucial way to reach the buying public. The problem is that often these ads are not very creative. In fact, some are produced by people who appear to have no marketing sense at all. There is an art and a craft to creating effective ads that convert. Here we offer you more tips for creating effective banners that are more likely to convert viewers rather than annoy them.

  • Keep the copy short: According to BBDO – a worldwide advertising agency network – most people can only process 5 or so words a second. It is therefore best to keep the copy in your ad relatively brief.
  • Know your audience: You cannot hope to have a successful ad campaign without first knowing about your potential customers. What is their economic background, their interests, their lifestyle, etc? The time you take to do some research could mean the difference between success and failure.
  • Create a clear call to action: Call us! Visit our store! Buy now! Switch to us! Your ad will be competing with many others out there. Don’t take for granted that your potential customers will know what is expected of them. Make you message.
  • Test your campaign: If possible, try out various color schemes, fonts, images, etc. and determine the highest performing executions.
  • Make your colors pop: Choose color combinations that that will immediately draw the viewer’s attention.banner
  • Offer a tempting incentive: Your ad should offer something tempting and exciting to your potential customers such as an introductory offer. Also, make it clear how they will benefit from such an offer.
  • Place your ads in the right locations: Ad placement is everything. While online businesses are not constrained by this consideration, brick and mortar stores are. Knowing where your potential customers are likely to be will save you money and effort in executing your ad campaign.

Yes, by keeping each of these considerations in mind you can make your ad campaign 100X more effective. We can help by providing you with cheap custom vinyl lettering that is completely customizable. What kind of font, colors and orientation do you desire? Our vinyl lettering custom signs can be used on cars, placards, boats, etc. For more tips see our page on design suggestions.


7 Tips for Creating the Right Slogan for your Business

If you are starting a new business then chances are you’ve already agonized over creating a slogan. After all, a slogan is a crucial part of a businesses identity. It is a short (ideally), simple reminder of what your company is about, its values and how it distinguishes itself from other brands. Thus, we have “Just do it” for Nike, “I’m loving it” for McDonald’s, “Have it your way”, for Burger King, etc. All of these sayings are permanently etched in the public’s mind. So question is – what goes into making a good slogan? To help you create an unforgettable slogan for your business, here are some tips to give you inspiration.

  • Keep it short and simple: Experts recommend that you make your slogan no more than 9 to 10 words long. Short slogans are easy to remember and can concisely communicate your message without all the extra verbiage.
  • Focus on what makes you different: Draw attention to the value proposition that distinguishes your brand from others in the field.slogan
  • Give them a rhythm and rhyme: Slogans should not only be memorable they should be mellifluous and rhythmic if possible.
  • Be honest: Don’t engage in hyperbole. It is easy to getting carried away when promoting your business but dishonest, exaggerated claims may come back to bite you by eroding the public’s trust in your product or service.
  • Utilize font psychology: Just as colors elicit certain emotions, certain font types do as well. Think of the font that illustrates the Disney brand. The lettering itself gives a sense of whimsical creativity. Our design a sign, car window lettering gives you the option to choose from a variety of fonts.
  • Know your target market: Do market research in order to find out who your potential customers are. This will guide you in your choice of slogans. For example, smart marketers consider carefully whether their customers are local, national, international, etc.
  • Get input: Get feedback about your slogan from your friends, co-workers, Facebook followers, etc. In this way you may even be able to get the advice of an expert advice for free.

In short, crafting the perfect tagline for your business is challenging and may take some time to nail but it can be well worth it in the end. Just ask McDonald’s, Nike, Microsoft, etc. When you do choose your slogan remember that our site can create customer vinyl lettering for you to display on a number of objects.


5 Ways Vehicle Graphics Can Help Your Business

Think about all the time that you’ve spent in your vehicle going back and forth to work, running errands, going to and from vacations, etc. Now, think about all the cars you’ve seen passing by you as you commute back and forth to work or when running errands or when going to and from vacation, etc. You’ve probably noticed that you’ve seen a ton of advertising during your commute. That is because vehicle wraps, as they are called, are an effective way to reach customers for small and large businesses alike. In fact, according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), 95% of Americans are reached by media targeting vehicle drivers. This fact makes our car window lettering a useful guerilla marketing tool for your company. Here are some specific ways that cheap custom vinyl lettering on your vehicle can help your business.

  • Wrap size and colors are customizable: Whether you are planning on adding our lettering to a small economy vehicle or van, we have the right letter size for you. You can easily customize size, shape and font to fit your vehicle.
  • Vehicle lettering allows you to reach a larger, more diverse audience: Depending on where you car (or fleet) is, you can extend your message into new territories at a cheaper cost than most other forms of advertising. Vehicle lettering based advertising allows you to produce tens of thousands of impressions per day.
  • You get more bang for your buck with vehicle lettering: Compared to the costs of other kinds of advertising such as TV, radio, etc., vehicle wraps are far more economical. Moreover, while a radio or TV ad is ephemeral, vehicle lettering lasts as long as you desire.
  • Vehicle wraps create a high ROI: Some customers report an almost instant increase in sales when using vehicle lettering based advertising. We cannot guarantee this will be the case with your product or service but we can promise to provide you with eye-popping, attention getting lettering that can only increase public awareness of your brand.
  • Vehicle lettering bypass restrictions placed on billboards advertising: Rates, timing, and availability are all stumbling blocks when it comes to companies wanting to purchase billboard ads. With car lettering you control all these factors.

In short, vehicle lettering makes sense for companies that want to expand their reach and explore new markets. It also makes sense as an economical alternative to other kinds of advertising that is more or less monopolized by the big guys. Thus, our lettering can help your business grow in uncounted ways.


Reasons a Logo is an Essential Part of Your Business

It’s a pretty safe bet that every major brand you can think of has a great and memorable logo attached to it. Think about it. McDonald’s is tied to its golden arches. Nike is tied to their swoosh symbol. Apple computers are tied to their, well…apple. All these companies know that a good, memorable logo is an essential part of any company’s identity. This is especially true in this highly competitive world where business people are struggling to capture their share of the market. A good logo matters every bit as much as good signage or well thought out business plan. At design a sign we offer our customers cheap custom vinyl lettering so that they can put their brand out there. Here are some reasons that logos matter.

  • Logos help your company make a first impression: As the old saying goes “you only get one chance to make a first impression.” Your logo is the first introduction your company will make to potential customers. Your logo must be designed with the proper colors, shapes, fonts and lettering in order to make a striking first impression on customers.
  • Logos communicate your company’s values and its message: A well thought out logo can communicate to customers your company’s mission, background and core message. These things can be communicated with the proper selection of images, colors and even font angles.vinyl lettering
  • Logos establish your business’ identity: Just as is the case with your booklets, business cards, folders, websites, etc., logos help to establish your company’s unique qualities among its competitors.
  • Logos create an emotional connection to your customers: Creating an emotional connection with people is how you build a customer base. A good logo can appeal to customers’ emotions. Think, for example, how sports logos affect sports fans.
  • Logos make your company look more professional: Low quality logos can make consumers feel less confident about your company; high quality logos can make them feel more confident in your services. People will naturally assume that you take the same care in conducting your business as you did in choosing your logo.

In short, never underestimate what a well designed logo and lettering can do for your company. When it comes to business it is all about branding. We can help you in your efforts to put you brand out there among the competition with our lettering.