Applying shadows and outlines on vinyl lettering

When adding an effect to your vinyl lettering in separate pieces it could be very easy when you know a few tricks. In many cases in a simple vinyl lettering job via boat lettering, vehicle lettering or any job where it require vinyl lettering application there are certain effect known as a shadow or outline to bring more life to the letters. Sometimes the effect is digital printed so the vinyl lettering is one piece, but in most cases a simple shadow or outline on vinyl letters is cut an applied in separate pieces. I will try to give you some simple instructions help you applying the separate pieces easily and so your new vinyl lettering looks right!

First we will do a quick review of vinyl lettering application before we move to the shadow and or outline vinyl application.

  1. We will start with applying your main vinyl lettering, first clean the surface. If you are lettering a boat, truck wall or window you should always make sure the surface is clean. If your surface is not clean properly it could effect the look of your vinyl lettering or even the glue on the back of them.
  2. Then of course measure your area on where you will apply your vinyl lettering, use masking tape to hinge your lettering, after taped and hinged pull up vinyl lettering pull off backing to your vinyl lettering and squeegee down. After you have laid down your vinyl lettering pull off transfer paper slowly.
  3. Now take your outline or shadow pull off the transfer paper soak the sticky or glue part with application fluid also at the same time soak the surface where you will be applying the shadow or outline.
  4. Take your Outline or Shadow place it on the surface and if soaked the area enough you will be able to move the effects around until you line them up (you be able to see through the transfer paper). If you need to spray more fluid, you should be able to pull off your effects spray down and try again. Be careful outlines and shadows are usually thin vinyl and could get tricky to work with.
  5. After you feel you line them up try to squeegee as much fluid down off your vinyl lettering as possible.
  6. Here is the trickiest part after you have gotten, as much fluid out as you could you must allow it to dry before you pull your transfer paper off. You could use a hair dryer or heat gun to speed up the process, just be careful heat guns and even hair dryers get really hot and if your are doing boat lettering there is a good chance you are near water and of course electric and water do not mix.
  7. When you feel it is dry be very careful removing transfer paper do it slow and if you see your vinyl lettering effect coming off just squeegee it back down you just have to work it.

If you are really brave you could try applying the effect with out application fluid it would make removal of the transfer paper easier but male lining the lettering and the effects really difficult. Some vinyl lettering people will cut effects into smaller sections and over lap the vinyl where the effects appear attached. In the end vinyl lettering are more eye catching then straight vinyl lettering its more work but most things that look good are