Advertising with Custom Vinyl Lettering

Advertising with Custom Vinyl Lettering

Best Bang for your Buck –Advertising with Custom Vinyl Lettering

One of the hardest things to do in business is figure out the right place to spend your advertising dollars. Even harder than that is to track the campaign and the impact it may have made on your company.

From my experience “the best bang for your buck” in advertising or promotion is the use of Custom Vinyl Lettering. To simple right? Well it is simple. If you use Custom Vinyl Lettering in the right forums you could get your message across to a larger audience than you think for a fraction of the cost of other forms of advertisement.

One way to use custom Vinyl Lettering is advertising is on a vehicle. Vehicle Lettering is what this is known as. This basically is like having moving banners where approximately 20,000 people a week view your vehicle(depending on your geographical location). Just think of that! Aside from the cost of the lettering & vehicle costs(gas, ins, maintance, etc.-which you would have anyway) this advertising is FREE. Now Vehicle Lettering on a box truck, trailer or van would be best, but your information on a car works just as well. Even when your done for the day why not park your vehicle with its new Vehicle Lettering job somewhere everyone could see the vehicle(as long as it is no parked illegally).

Another great use of Custom Vinyl Lettering is wright in front of you, no really look out your window or I should say look at your window. Window Lettering is a great form of advertisement or promotion. Even if you have a great sign on your building, it is good to run Window Lettering campaigns also. One reason why Window Lettering is generally successful is in most cases the lettering on a window is eye level to a customer walking or even driving by in close proximity. Sometimes a large sign on a building or store front gets lost in the shuffle. Another reason to use Window Lettering is run temporary campaign or announce a new product. An example for a car dealership “Newest Models in Stock”. If you decide to go with Window Lettering, my advice is to use white Custom Vinyl Lettering. This seems to show up the best on windows.

The reasons I have chosen the above ways to advertise are the following;

  1. Custom Vinyl Lettering gets the message across and it’s relatively inexpensive to produce.
  2. Achieve max audience with little expense
  3. These are items that most business owners have position of.(vehicles & windows at place of business)

There is one last area that I would like to touch on that I feel custom vinyl lettering would have an impact on, that is Boat Lettering. Now I know that not everyone owns a boat or even lives near a large body of water. I am also not saying to go buy a boat, so you could put some boat lettering on it and make your business better(unless your just looking for an excuse to buy a boat).In most areas becoming a boat owner is like becoming an unofficial member of a club and other boat owners pay attention. If you are a boat owner you know this already and might have some form of Boat Lettering on your boat already, most likely a personal message. If you haven’t thought of it for business you are literally “missing the boat”. Just think of your audience on the open seas especially if your business is related to the boating or warm weather industries.

I hope these ideas have helped you with some advertising ideas. I strongly believe in Custom Vinyl Lettering for vehicles, windows and even boats. Maybe with this help you could have Boat Lettering installed on your boat that says “PAID OFF”!