7 Tips for Designing Amazing Window Signage for Your Business

7 Tips for Designing Amazing Window Signage for Your Business

The Internet contains volumes of information on how to promote your online business. However, businesses that have an offline presence should take window advertising as seriously as any online promotional method. Owners should know that window ads be a can make or break factor when it comes to walk-by traffic. That is why your window lettering should be captivating and should spell out how your business will enrich the local community. Here are 7 tips for creating amazing window displays — and turning browsers into customers.

  • Don’t overdo it: The public is besieged with advertising so much so that many people have become numb to it. Try keeping your signage down to a minimum. This will also help people who are driving by your store quickly capture your message.
  • Be creative: Let your imagination run free when creating your window signage. Explore different font types, colors and sizes and write these down on a sketch pad before purchasing our vinyl lettering online.
  • Keep the focal point at eye level: Make it easy for passersby. Stand outside your store and determine where eye level is. This will help you to optimize your signage for maximum exposure.
  • Change your window displays regularly: Passersby may quickly become familiar with your display and begin to ignore it completely. Consider changing your window lettering often if this should begin to happen.
  • Surprise customers: Use a catchy, unusual slogan, use bright colors that pop, etc., in order to surprise and delight passersby.
  • Decide whether you want a background: The right background can really make your lettering stand out to potential customers by creating contrast. In order to make sure that your background does not obstruct the view of your products, be careful to not overdo it.
  • Use lighting to stand out: Be sure that your signage is visible at all times. This means controlling the angle and intensity of the light illuminate it.window sign

Even though we are well into the digital age, never neglect the signage on your brick and mortar store. Owners who take the time to carefully develop their window advertising are sure to put themselves ahead of the competition. We can help to develop signage that is appropriate for windows, car wraps and even custom boat lettering.

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