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5 Ways Vehicle Graphics Can Help Your Business

Think about all the time that you’ve spent in your vehicle going back and forth to work, running errands, going to and from vacations, etc. Now, think about all the cars you’ve seen passing by you as you commute back and forth to work or when running errands or when going to and from vacation, etc. You’ve probably noticed that you’ve seen a ton of advertising during your commute. That is because vehicle wraps, as they are called, are an effective way to reach customers for small and large businesses alike. In fact, according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), 95% of Americans are reached by media targeting vehicle drivers. This fact makes our car window lettering a useful guerilla marketing tool for your company. Here are some specific ways that cheap custom vinyl lettering on your vehicle can help your business.

  • Wrap size and colors are customizable: Whether you are planning on adding our lettering to a small economy vehicle or van, we have the right letter size for you. You can easily customize size, shape and font to fit your vehicle.
  • Vehicle lettering allows you to reach a larger, more diverse audience: Depending on where you car (or fleet) is, you can extend your message into new territories at a cheaper cost than most other forms of advertising. Vehicle lettering based advertising allows you to produce tens of thousands of impressions per day.
  • You get more bang for your buck with vehicle lettering: Compared to the costs of other kinds of advertising such as TV, radio, etc., vehicle wraps are far more economical. Moreover, while a radio or TV ad is ephemeral, vehicle lettering lasts as long as you desire.
  • Vehicle wraps create a high ROI: Some customers report an almost instant increase in sales when using vehicle lettering based advertising. We cannot guarantee this will be the case with your product or service but we can promise to provide you with eye-popping, attention getting lettering that can only increase public awareness of your brand.
  • Vehicle lettering bypass restrictions placed on billboards advertising: Rates, timing, and availability are all stumbling blocks when it comes to companies wanting to purchase billboard ads. With car lettering you control all these factors.

In short, vehicle lettering makes sense for companies that want to expand their reach and explore new markets. It also makes sense as an economical alternative to other kinds of advertising that is more or less monopolized by the big guys. Thus, our lettering can help your business grow in uncounted ways.


Reasons a Logo is an Essential Part of Your Business

It’s a pretty safe bet that every major brand you can think of has a great and memorable logo attached to it. Think about it. McDonald’s is tied to its golden arches. Nike is tied to their swoosh symbol. Apple computers are tied to their, well…apple. All these companies know that a good, memorable logo is an essential part of any company’s identity. This is especially true in this highly competitive world where business people are struggling to capture their share of the market. A good logo matters every bit as much as good signage or well thought out business plan. At design a sign we offer our customers cheap custom vinyl lettering so that they can put their brand out there. Here are some reasons that logos matter.

  • Logos help your company make a first impression: As the old saying goes “you only get one chance to make a first impression.” Your logo is the first introduction your company will make to potential customers. Your logo must be designed with the proper colors, shapes, fonts and lettering in order to make a striking first impression on customers.
  • Logos communicate your company’s values and its message: A well thought out logo can communicate to customers your company’s mission, background and core message. These things can be communicated with the proper selection of images, colors and even font angles.vinyl lettering
  • Logos establish your business’ identity: Just as is the case with your booklets, business cards, folders, websites, etc., logos help to establish your company’s unique qualities among its competitors.
  • Logos create an emotional connection to your customers: Creating an emotional connection with people is how you build a customer base. A good logo can appeal to customers’ emotions. Think, for example, how sports logos affect sports fans.
  • Logos make your company look more professional: Low quality logos can make consumers feel less confident about your company; high quality logos can make them feel more confident in your services. People will naturally assume that you take the same care in conducting your business as you did in choosing your logo.

In short, never underestimate what a well designed logo and lettering can do for your company. When it comes to business it is all about branding. We can help you in your efforts to put you brand out there among the competition with our lettering.